How To Get Rid Of Acne In A Month – 7 Effective Ways

If you’re not sure if there are any remedies that can help you remove the disturbing and painful zits from your skin and if you’re wondering how to get rid of acne in a month and keep it away once and for all, perhaps a look at the natural remedies below could help you choose the most adequate and convenient cure for your skin disorder.

Still, keep in mind that not all these cures work the same in all sufferers, so some of them might be more effective than others. It’s important to be patient and use the remedies constantly, to allow ingredients in these herbs and natural cures to do their job.

How To Get Rid Of Acne In A Month By Changing Your Eating Habits

Acne is most of the times caused by imbalances of the internal environment, so for restoring your skin’s health using only home remedies, you should first wonder what your condition is caused by. If your skin hygiene is good, you constantly exfoliate and remove dead cells, apply moisturizers and your skin is not naturally oily, then diet might be your problem.

Simple changes done in your menu can stop acne outbreaks, making your skin smoother, brighter and healthier. So start by incorporating more fruits, veggies, lean meat and nuts in your daily menu, reduce the amount of dairy products and opt for healthier alternative, like dairy foods made of soy, hemp seeds or almonds.

Also, reduce consumption of coffee, sweet or acid beverages and give up sweets or at least opt for healthier ones, such as dark chocolate made of cocoa powder only. And last, don’t forget to hydrate you skin correctly, by drinking water and teas made of anti-acne herbs. This will show you how to get rid of adult acne fast.

How To Cure Severe Acne By Avoiding Packed Foods

Packed foods are often preferred by people who complain about their limited free time but what these people don’t know is that these products are often full of preservatives and artificial flavors, which are toxic and alter the functioning of all your cells, including skin cells.

Toxins, as known, favor inflammatory processes and prevent your tissues from being properly nourished and provided with oxygen, so in order to keep acne away packed and canned foods should be avoided. The sooner you remove these from your diet, the sooner effects will become visible on your skin.

How To Get Rid Of Acne Fast At Home Using Basil Masks

Tonic and refreshing, these masks take a little longer to prepare than others but it’s worth the effort as they leave the skin rejuvenated and clean. Basil has strong antioxidant and cleansing effects, killing bacteria that can cause acne outbreaks and preventing formation of new acne spots and signs.

Mix 10 tbsp of powder obtained from dry basil leaves with water, letting the mixture soak for 2 hours at room temperature. Then apply it on the face, leave the mask on for 30 minutes, remove it with warm water and place a wet, warm towel on the face for another 1- minutes. Then rinse again and apply a moisturizer. This is a very effective treatment which can help you learn how to get rid of acne in a month.

How To Cure Acne In A Month Using Banana Peels

Banana peels are a good home remedy for acne and they are proven to be effective not only in reducing existing zits and relieving pain and discomfort but also in speeding up skin’s healing from acne scars. Ingredients in banana peels have strong rejuvenating and healing properties, being effective even in reducing wrinkles and fine lines on face.

To take advantage of this natural remedy, remove the peel and apply it on the skin, rubbing gently the affected area. You can repeat the procedure daily as it has no side effects and no harmful action on your skin. Results should become visible within 3-4 weeks, when treatment is applied regularly.

How To Get Rid Of Acne In 30 Days With Mango

Just like oranges, limes and other citrus fruits colored in yellow or orange, mangos are very rich in vitamins that are not only required for a healthy looking skin, but very effective in treating acne signs in a short period of time.

Pastes obtained from this fruit have the reputation of eliminating bacteria from skin, cleansing it and unclogging pores. By doing so, mango masks or pastes restore skin’s equilibrium, preventing pores from getting clogged with debris and excess oil and thus preventing the formation of new zits.

The easiest way to take advantage of the healing properties of mango is to prepare a paste from this fruit only or to mix it with honey and lemon juice for enhancing its effects. Then apply the paste on the skin and leave it for a couple of minutes. Rinse with warm water and repeat three times a week, until signs of acne disappear.

How To Heal Acne In A Month Using Oregano Oil

Oregano oil is used as home remedy for numerous ailments and mostly for skin disorders thanks to its antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties, which make this oil effective in killing germs, bacteria and viruses responsible for acne and other similar conditions.

The easiest way to use oregano oil for getting rid of acne quickly is to apply it directly on the affected areas, as it leaves the skin clean by eliminating dirt, bacteria and excess oil from pores. Take a soft cloth or a cotton ball, apply few drops of oregano oil and rub it against the zits, carefully enough not to damage the skin even more.

Leave the oil on the skin for 20-30 minutes then remove if and wash the face or the body area affected by acne with warm water, drying the skin with a soft towel. This oil doesn’t have the side effects of gels and ointments for acne, so it can be used even by people with sensitive skin.

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How To Get Rid Of Acne Quick And Easy With Acne Soap

If you don’t really have time for masks or for applying oils and leaving them on the skin to exert their effects, you can try this alternative treatment that’s also very quick and effective: wash your face with special acne soaps, which incorporate sulfur as main ingredient.

These are especially created for frequent use so you can wash the affected area twice a day with these soaps, preferably right after waking up and then again at night, to remove all debris, dirt, bacteria and oil from the skin and prevent the formation of new pimples overnight. Still, make sure not to rub the skin and not to use these soaps too often, as over-washing skin – even healthy one – will stimulate production of sebum and favor acne signs occurrence.

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