How To Get Rid Of Adult Acne Fast – 7 Guaranteed Ways

Want to know “How to get rid of adult acne fast“?. Contrary to the general opinion, acne is not a skin disorders affecting only teens. Women and men over 20 are also exposed to developing this condition as there are lots of different factors that can trigger it, so if you’re looking for solutions to how to get rid of acne fast, you might find our recommendations below very helpful.

Remember that keeping acne away for good takes more than removing the already formed zits and pustules. This condition has the tendency of coming back at regular intervals so the cures listed below can help you prevent future outbreaks as well.

How To Get Rid Of Adult Acne Fast With Mint

Mint is a good choice when it comes to finding a good, accessible, affordable and quick solution to how to get rid of chin acne fast or of pimples and spots on other body areas in the comfort of your home.

This natural remedy is very rich in menthol, ingredient with strong anti-inflammatory properties, which acts by killing pathogens on skin, cleansing and removing debris and excess sebum from skin’s surface and relieving swelling and burning sensation caused by severe acne.

The juice or oil extracted from mint can be used as it is, applied directly on the skin and left there for 10-15 minutes. Also, mint leaves can be used for preparing a paste which can be applied on the zits. Then skin has to be cleansed with warm water and dried, for closing pores and preventing the occurrence of new acne signs.

How To Get Rid Of Acne Fast At Home Using Tomatoes

Tomatoes are excellent natural remedies for adult acne as they’re very rich in vitamin C and vitamin A, both essential for a healthy looking skin. Besides enhancing the skin’s natural ability of fighting against bacteria that triggers acne, tomatoes also strengthen the immunity level, reducing the risk of future acne outbreaks.

To benefit from this natural solution, slice a tomato, remove the skin and apply it on the affected skin area, leaving it on for one hour or so. Then remove the slices and wash the face, applying a moisturizer after you dry the skin. You can repeat this treatment twice a week, as tomatoes are acidic and using them too often may harm the already damaged skin.

How To Get Rid Of Adult Acne Naturally With Neem Oil

Neem oil is widely used in Ayurvedic medicine as a home remedy for acne, as this product has been proven by numerous studies to have strong anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. The herb is used as powder, oil or soap, but the liquid form is the easiest to apply when it comes to zits and acne spots, as all you need to do is put some drops of oil on a cotton ball and rub against the pimples.

This procedure should be repeated daily if possible, as it takes time for the oil to exert its beneficial effects when it comes to severe forms of acne. In milder forms, effects become visible more rapidly, when the oil is applied on the damaged skin several times a day.

How To Cure Adult Acne Naturally Using Milk Thistle

Milk thistle has excellent anti-acne properties, as it helps in removing toxins and waste products from the body, implicitly from skin cells. This remedy is effective especially in hormonal forms of acne, as it regulates release of hormones and prevents excessive sebum production, which is known to be one of the major culprits behind acne.

To benefit from this natural acne cure, you can prepare 1 cup of tea and drink it daily or as often as possible, until acne signs start disappearing. Still, take into consideration that this remedy interferes with the action of birth control pills, reducing their effectiveness, so if you’re not ready to have a baby perhaps you should look for another solution or just avoid intimate relationships while taking this remedy.

How To Treat Adult Acne Naturally With White Tea

Next on our list of remedies for adult acne is white tea, which contains important anti-aging compounds as well as powerful antioxidants proven to boost the immune function, sustaining skin’s ability to regenerate itself.

Active ingredients in white tea help skin build its natural resistance against stress and pathogens and sustain skin cell growth. Also, extracts obtained from this plant protect against the harmful effects of excessive sunlight exposure and diminish skin effects caused by aging.

To use white tea or extract as home cure for acne, dilute it with water and apply it directly on the skin using a cotton pad or take it internally, twice a day. Repeat until symptoms are relieved.

How To Heal Adult Acne Quickly Using Thyme

Thyme is more often used for seasoning meals but works perfectly as an acne cure as well. It is an effective way to discover how to get rid of adult acne fast. The herb has strong anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, being recommended to those suffering from acne due to excess oil production. Thyme is, however, not the best cure for very sensitive skin, as it tends to dry it.

The positive effect this natural herb has on pimples and pustules is given not only by its ability of killing pathogens and removing debris from skin’s surface but also by its ability of smoothening inflammation, calming the skin and relieving pain associated with severe forms of acne. To use this natural remedy, you only need to mix the thyme powder with water and apply the obtained paste on the affected skin areas, daily, until acne signs disappear.

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How To Get Rid Of Adult Acne Fast With Oily Fish

Eating more oily fish can also prevent acne outbreaks and cure existing signs of this skin condition as fish is very rich in omega-3 fatty acids, know to regulate the production of hormones inside the human body and to normalize secretion of sebum from skin cells. Also, omega-3 improves skin’s elasticity and accelerates the removal of toxins, so it leaves the skin cleaner better nourished.

People eating lots of fish, like Japanese ones, are the least prone to developing acne, so if you haven’t incorporated this food in your diet yet, it’s time to do some changes and see how acne spots start disappearing. Remember, acne is a condition that requires both internal and external remedies, so besides cleansing the skin’s surface, you also need to take care of the cells in the deeper layers of the dermis.

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